Product Information

HELIX develops and sells “Water Plasma Hazardous Substance Treatment Device”, a custom-made product that utilizes the water plasma characteristics to treat target substances. We also perform its maintenance and consumables replacement.

Water Plasma Generation

HELIX water plasma generates when a direct current flows through the center space of the vortex flow between electrodes (anode and cathode). Patented technology

          HELIX Water Plasma
         ・20,000℃ thermal plasma
         ・Generation of highly active and oxidizing radicals
         ・Feed material is water only
         ・Turned on/off instantly by an electric signal
         ・Long-term stable irradiation

Water Plasma Hazardous Substance Treatment Device

 Move to the storage location by self-propelled or trailer and treat hazardous substances (on-site treatment). It leads to eliminating the risk of transporting hazardous substances and reducing the costs at the same time.
 On-site treatment enables a wide range, such as substances with movement restrictions.
 Expect Emitted mixed gas (by-product) to reuse.

Suitable Substance List of Water Plasma Treatment

Research and Development

We are constantly engaged in research and development activities to handle the advanced technology of water plasma generators.

At present, nuclear power and fossil fuels are the principal energy sources. In the future, we aim to construct a system that reduces the burden on the global environment by using hydrogen generated from waste treated by the water plasma system as an energy source. (Circular Energy System)

Research into such treatment technologies involves developing advanced technology and handling hazardous substances, so research and development must be carried out jointly with research institutes such as the government and universities.

Currently, we are researching water plasma systems in collaboration with Professor Takayuki Watanabe (Ph.D., Engineering) of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University, and several companies in Japan and overseas.

Professor Takayuki Watanabe
Department of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Kyushu University

Patents & Design

[Company Philosophy]

With the mission of Leaving a Beautiful Earth for Future Generations, HELIX is to be a company that can contribute to global environmental conservation by providing products and services that embody Wisdom-based, Action-based, and Logic-based through advanced technology.

Throughout the world, the disposal of industrial waste, medical waste, and complex chemicals has become a problem, and detoxification is now an urgent issue. Japan has to decommission nuclear power plants damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake over the next few decades. Even for the contaminated water problem, we have yet to find an absolute solution.

Each of these industrial wastes is a cost that accumulated to become a serious issue over a long period since we had not taken the process seriously. We must settle the debt. Under these circumstances, the technology most needed today is a water plasma hazardous substance treatment device whose chemical decomposition on site can help to treat hazardous substances without adversely affecting the environment.

HELIX believes that the corporate role in the 21st century will be to simultaneously realize Scientific Progress, Economic Growth, and Environmental Conservation, not to pursue the economy and science like the postwar high economic growth.

To provide significant benefits by resolving all the issues of Quantity, Quality, and Price in industrial wastes (hazardous substances) that have been carried over into the 21st century and become environmental problems is the HELIX business model that reflects the corporate philosophy.

[Company History]

1988 Invented a water plasma generation device.
2004 Applied for a patent for the low-level radioactive ion-exchange resin disposal method with Associate Professor Watanabe (currently Professor of the Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University).
2005 Institute of Initiated co-development with Tokyo Institute of Technology and production of demonstration vehicle for in-vehicle water plasma generation device.
2008 Acquired a patent for the in-vehicle water plasma harmful waste treatment device.
2011 Established the company and started the development and production of the prototype vehicle.
May 2014 Started of demonstration experiments at the laboratory of Professor Watanabe of the Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University.
Nov 2014 Introduced our developed device and technology (water plasma) on a TV program called Yume no Tobira plus (Dream-Door plus) produced by TBS Japan.
Sep 2015 Started development and manufacture of commercial/practical vehicles.
Apr 2016 Started to prepare for treatment demonstration tests for asbestos, manure and contaminated soils.
Aug 2017 Launched of difficult-to-treat waste oil experiment.
Sep 2017 Introduced our company on the BS Japan TV program, Mirai EYES (Future EYES)
Jan 2018 Accepted to join the 153rd Committee on Plasma Materials Science of JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science).
Jan 2018 Restructured capital for future business expansion. JPY 1 million as the amount of capital/ JPY 94 million as capital surplus.
Dec 2018 Announced collaborative research results by Professor Watanabe Laboratory (Kyushu University) at 35th annual meeting of The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research(JSPF).
Dec 2018 Published by Professor Watanabe Laboratory (Kyushu University) about HLEIX in-vehicle water plasma device in the journal “OYO BUTURI Vol.87 No.12(2018)”.
Jan 2019 Published by Professor Watanabe Laboratory (Kyushu University) about HLEIX in-vehicle water plasma device in the journal “Plasma and Fusion Research Vol. 95 (2019)”.
Feb 2020 Mr. Antonio Inoki Announces the Philippines Joint Venture with us at his Commemoration Party.
Feb 2021 Increased the capital to JPN10 million (JPY85 million as capital surplus).

[Company Profile]

Company name          : Helix Co., Ltd
Head Office                : 5-20-11, Ishikawa, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa, 252-0815, Japan
MAIL                         :
TEL                           : +81-466-90-4200 (Main)
FAX                           : +81-466-90-4201
Date of establishment : September 28, 2011


Hirofumi YAGUCHI
Toshihiro SHIMA
Hideaki SAKUMA
Chairman & Representative Director/(CTO)
President & Representative Director/(CEO&CFO)
Executive Officer

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